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Here fishy fishy fishy. See below for the fishiest poker sites that have the loosest players. If your looking for some weak competition check out Colt Poker. Many of the players on the network were recruited from other poker sites with online sportsbooks and the site has plenty of fish! Bring your cooler because you will catch a lot of fish at Colt Poker.

BetOnline Poker
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  • Fishy Site - Loose Competition
  • Sportsbook and Casino
  • Great Poker Site for USA Players USA Allowed
  • Reload Bonus on Every Deposit
  • Mac Compatible
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Playing at the Fishiest Poker Sites

Playing at the fishiest poker sites can be very profitable but you have to keep your wits about you. Because the sites are fishy you will experience some bad beats here and there. The key to be being successful is making sure you keep your cool and play solid poker. By not going on tilt and staying calm you can take down some nice pots with inexperienced and weak players. Play at these as they are the best poker sites for weak competition.

Colt Poker is the fishiest poker site. Running on the Revolution Poker Network, many of the sites on the network also have casinos and sportsbooks. Because of this there are a lot of casual poker players that were recruited through the casino and sportsbooks and are not true poker players, they are gamblers. Keep your cool when you get a bad beat because if you play solid poker you will get your cash ten fold!

Next is Intertops Poker which runs on he same network as Colt. They also operate a sportsbook and have gained players from their sportsbook. You can find some very weak competition at Intertops by just being patient like at Colt. Intertops is no longer accepting USA players but if you live abroad check them out. Again keep your cool if you get a bad beat and take down some nice pots from very fishy players.

BetOnline is another fishy poker site. Even though BetOnline has been in business since 2001 they just launched their poker site in 2011. The majority of their players were recruited through their sportsbook and are not true poker players, they are gamblers. Play cash ring games up to the $2/$4 blind level and you can find some real fish!

Play at any of the above USA friendly online poker sites that are stocked with fish. If you are new to online poker these sites are also a good starting point because many of the other players are newbie's as well.